DFW barely ranks on Travel + Leisure’s foodie list

Travel + Leisure released its list of America’s Best Cities for Foodies earlier this week and many of the obvious choices, like San Francisco, felt snubbed (even though the city ranked 2nd).

People are very proud of what their city has to offer and clearly food is a touchy subject, not too mention that many people disagree with the term “foodie” to begin with. I don’t consider myself a foodie, mainly because the term sounds uppity, but I do love to eat and write about restaurants. And I am proud to live in Dallas.

That would probably explain my frustration with Dallas-Fort Worth’s ranking at No. 32. 32? Really? Travel + Leisure ranks us just before Orlando, land of elephant ears and Disney food.

While I’m not arguing that Dallas is among the ranks of San Fran, NYC and Chicago, I do believe DFW restaurateurs have made some strides in transforming the eating and dining scene. Even though Dallas is behind the curve in the food truck scene, the city has made it easier for the mobile restaurants to serve customers. And celebrity chefs, like Tiffany Derry, who opens her new restaurant this weekend, love to call Dallas home.

Should Dallas have ranked 32nd behind all other Texas metros, DBJ Confidential readers?

And if you’re a “foodie,” I guess you need to move to these cities.

1. New Orleans
2. San Francisco
3. Providence, R.I.
4. New York
5. Chicago
6. Portland, Ore.
7. Seattle
8. Savannah, Ga.
9. Charleston, S.C.
10. San Antonio
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